The Revitalize Approach

Our Weight Loss Philosophy

At Revitalize Weight Loss & Wellness, we believe it’s possible to lose weight and actually enjoy the process. Our revolutionary approach to weight loss begins with the theory that each individual has unique biological and lifestyle needs, and ought to have a unique nutrition plan built around those needs. Together, founders Dr. Noel Abood and Dan and Danae LeMoine, have developed a weight loss program that rebalances your biochemistry, removes the guesswork surrounding healthy eating, and uncovers and addresses the underlying reasons why you are struggling to lose weight.

How does our weight loss program achieve this? Revitalize Weight Loss & Wellness challenges traditional cookie-cutter diet plans and weight loss methods. Our Fear No Food philosophy and advanced Bioscan™ technology gives each individual a bespoke roadmap to eating nourishing, whole foods that heal the body and help you lose weight. Our cutting-edge biometric technology helps you make smarter decisions by generating your very own report of foods, minerals, phytonutrients, and vitamins that are optimal for weight loss. and addressing possible imbalances in your biology, so you can lose weight naturally, heal the metabolism, and keep the weight off for good.  

The Revitalize Difference

There are a multitude of weight loss programs and fad diets out there, many of which will help you lose weight, but most fail to address the underlying cause of why you’re holding onto weight. The moment you go back to regular eating you gain all the weight back (and some)! 

The Revitalize Weight Loss & Wellness program is unlike any other approach on the market. No need to count calories, take unnatural medication, or eat pre-packaged foods. Our weight loss clinics and remote programs deliver real results that you can see and feel. Our unique philosophy and weight loss plan is a comprehensive, life-changing program that makes losing weight not only highly effective (in fact, we guarantee results), but also enjoyable at every step. 

Not only will you shed pounds, but the Revitalize nutrition plan also transforms your health. Our clients will be the first to tell you how amazing they look AND feel. Losing weight the healthy way gives you more energy, and improves your sleep quality and overall well-being, all without feeling hungry! At Revitalize Weight Loss & Wellness, we leave nothing to chance. In addition to having your biological blueprint of foods and micronutrients that fix your metabolism, you’ll also be guided and supported every step of the way by our expert weight loss staff. You’ll get personal accountability throughout your wellness journey, with private one-on-one meetings with our board-certified health coaches and nutritionists. They’ll continue to personalize your plan as you progress through your weight loss and wellness program. Schedule your consultation today to learn how our technology and unique approach will work for you. Let Revitalize Weight Loss & Wellness help you rebalance your biochemistry, reignite your metabolism, and regain your best life.

How It Works

Our revolutionary weight loss program is changing lives one pound at a time. 

Our highly individualized and bespoke weight loss plans produce long-lasting results in several distinct ways compared to traditional weight loss programs. Here’s what you can expect when you start the Revitalize Weight Loss & Wellness program:

  • An in-person or virtual consultation that includes a body composition and metabolic age analysis 3D BodyScan
  • re:vitalize Food for Weight Loss BioScan™ technology that identifies which foods are most biologically coherent for you to lose weight and which factors may be slowing down your metabolism,  as well as which micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body may need to address those imbalances and optimize your metabolism
  • Board-certified nutrition experts that provide accountability and ongoing personalization to your Revitalize weight loss plan to ensure you’re seeing great results, feeling amazing (no hunger or low energy), and staying accountable to your plan 
  • Long-term support and accountability from nutrition experts and coaches
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